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The ONE STOP Terrain Shop!


Hi Bill, i found you on youtube, and absolutely love your vids. Your work has inspired me to make my own gaming table and terrain. I have only just gotten into warhammer 40k, have chosen to run with orks, and looking forward to building my table using your tips/tricks and tutorials, and making terrain... Thanks again Bill and Wifey Unit LOL Travis "AUSSIEORK" BoyceQuotes


Hey guys, Love your videos and streams, you're a great inspiration. Hopefully we could collaborate sometime in the near future, that would be cool. Personally I am thinking about getting into 3D printing as the versatility of that would be insane. So if you guys are ever in Appleton Wisconsin feel free to hit me up! I'd love to make a video with you guys.Quotes

Chris Gooding

I am a very self centered person. It's true, just ask my players. And I'm extremely picky, arrogant and truly believe that the world revolves around me. In short, I'm a pain in the John Brown Hind Parts. And I'm hard to impress. Sue and Bill have impressed me. They went out of their way to make sure that I, the customer, was more than just merely satisfied - they made sure I was blown away. In all seriousness, if you only get one thing out of this then here it is: Bill and Sue are the best of the best. They will do an incredible job for you; they will produce and deliver the highest quality products at extremely reasonable prices; I assure you that you will be beyond satisfied - you will be blown away. Their commitment to Customer Satisfaction is the best I've ever come across in this industry (and I've been gaming since 1977). Thank you, Sue and Bill, for being the Gold Standard of the miniature terrain industry. Bill Adcox


Impressed Narcissist

I got a set of 15mm buildings from Terrainaholic and I have to say I could not have been happier. The amount of detail and work that goes into these terrain pieces makes all the difference. They look amazing on the game table and bring the battlefield to life. I have seen a selection of their work in person and it is no less impressive. Any piece/project you order will be something you and your friends will be proud to have your models fight over, no matter what game you play.



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